TraceInline provide genealogy based research and tracing services to the legal profession.

How we work

Welcome to TraceInline

We are a modern company with traditional values, offering a wealth of experience in tracing individuals and working with the legal profession. Initially specialising in probate research, services now include debtor tracing and background vetting.

Our strength is in ‘Making the connection’—taking the smallest initial information and building detailed family trees, write reports or trace individuals, businesses or charities. Our customers are solicitors and their clients.



  • Beneficiary
  • Debtor
  • Witness
  • Executor
  • Charity
  • Business
  • Client
  • Document
  • Assets
  • Will


  • All beneficiaries under intestacy
  • Missing stem
  • Family tree verification
  • Statutory will application
  • Overseas bankruptcy search
  • Pre-employment screening
  • Tenant screening
  • Status report


  • Private client (wills & probate, trusts)
  • Litigation
  • Family
  • Employment/HR
  • Property
  • Accounts


  • Solicitor
  • Administrator
  • Executor
  • Trustee
  • Landlord
  • Insurer
  • Lender
  • Employer
  • Business Partner
TraceInline TraceInline


‘TraceInline have provided a service that has helped, not only ourselves but also our clients, to recover debts that would otherwise have had to be written off. A fast and professional service that has exceeded our expectations by going above and beyond what other businesses have provided.’

— Paul Fleming, Litigation

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Case Studies

Research Presentation

Where appropriate we present our research in the form of a single bounded document containing statutory declaration, family tree, address list and documentary evidence. Our aim is to present the research in the most useful way to those that depend on it.

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Why use us?

  • Outstanding success rates due to our multi-pronged approach:
    • Industry leading data
    • Genealogy
    • Latest technology
    • Expert Analysis
    • International network of researchers
  • Personal Service—we tailor our service to your way of working
  • 24 Hour Telephone Answering
  • Flexible charging structure
  • Reports presented as a Statutory Declaration (where appropriate)
  • All quotations issued with our Terms of Business
  • Insured up to a maximum of £2 million liability per case

How we work

  • You will have a main contact responsible for your relationship with us and deal with any requests or issues. One point of contact who knows your cases, your firm and how you like to work
  • If your main contact is not available there will always be someone to take a message, as our lines are manned 24 hours a day
  • Before providing a quotation we first make preliminary investigations to allow for more accurate quotations specific to the circumstances
  • You will be asked for the purpose of any trace, as this affects the approach we take and data sources available

How we work